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Are You Spending Your Advertising Dollars Wisely?

This is one of the biggest questions all business owner attempt to answer,  “Am I spending my money wisely”.  As it relates to advertising are you truly getting the BANG for the BUCK?!

As an executive business coach and strategic business consultant we show our clients exactly how to do this analysis and assist them in improving their performance.    I breakdown the issues in understanding your advertising in a presentation I did a few weeks ago for the WIDU Wake-up Business Coalition breakfast.  In this presentation I cover the various ways you can advertise (print, radio, TV and social media) and discuss the positives and challenges of each option.  But most important, I explain something that most people truly do not understand and advertising

The Message is more important than the Medium

What you say in your advertising is always more important than where you say it

For most business owners when they “try” advertising and it does not work they blame the medium (radio, TV, social media).  The say things like, I tried radio but it did not work.  When in reality it likely did not work for other reasons…

I explain that in the video… Check it out

Is your advertising working? from Darsweil Rogers on Vimeo.


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