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Can We Talk About the ELEPHANT in the Room… Please! – Fear Audio Part 2

Making 2013 the Best Year Ever – Audio Series Part 2 Overcoming Fear to Succeed

Can we TALK about the ELEPHANT in the ROOM?

Welcome to the second audio in the series “Can we talk about the ELEPHANT in the Room”.  This is about achieving your goals in 2013.

I am so excited about my plans for the year that I am busting at the seams.  How about you?

I am doing this audio series because I want YOU to achieve your goals, New Years Resolutions etc. this year.

Did you know that only 7% of us achieve our New Year’s Resolutions?  I decided to do this audio series on Saturday and am producing and distributing them over the next week.  A key to success is making a decision and acting on it!

I highly recommend you listen to the series in order as they build upon each other.  Here is the link to the first audio CLICK HERE for First Audio

Remembering Fear as a Child

My earliest true memory of being afraid was when my mom wanted me to take the garbage out one night when we lived in Danville IL.  I was probably 4 or 5 years old.  I kept staring out of the door into the dark.  I had a pop gun at the time (really into the westerns back then!) and I went back to my room to get the gun before heading out the door.  I am fairly confident that my feet did not touch the ground on that round trip path to the garbage and back.

Reflecting back today, I know that what I was battling that day was ALL IN MY MIND.  My Mom watched me the entire trip.  It felt like a mile but was probably only 15 or 20 feet!

Hey you know what I just realized… My mom coached me through my fear that day.  So let me coach you through yours right now!

When we consider the typical reason someone does not achieve a goal, I can put FEAR at the top of the list of reasons stopping them from success.  I get an argument from people on this point because they want to rationalize a different explanation but it often comes down to fear.

I know I have experienced it and I have changed my approach to problem solving to make it all a lot easier to deal with.

This audio like what we discussed in the first audio is NOT about giving you new information.  We are already full of a ton of information that we do not use.  Remember, the majority of us “know” exactly what we need to do to achieve our New Year’s Resolutions.

KNOWLEDGE is NOT the issue.  It is acting and acting with consistency that is the culprit.

When you ACT and act with Consistency you naturally become more confident about realizing your goals.  The experience of moving in a decisive way unlocks your unlimited potential and makes you a more POWERFUL manager.

POWER = The amount of work you can get done in a given period of time

Lets continue the process of unlocking your power by confronting the old nemesis FEAR.  Time to kick him / her to the curb.  By working the process that I explain to you in this audio program.


A Penny for your Thoughts!

Well not really a penny, your thoughts are way more valuable than that!  But Please share your insights and stories.  I get a lot of personal emails from people, but there is more collective growth when you share with others.

Fear is probably the #1 ELEPHANT of all in keeping people from their goals.

What are you going to do differently from this moment forward to realize your goals and dreams?

Share this with anyone in the 93% that have not been achieving their goals.  Also, Contact Us for assistance.  Just like what my mom did for me that day when I ran to take out the garbage, having an experienced coach / accountability partner can be the difference in following through versus just talking about following through.

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  1. Superb website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any discussion boards that cover
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