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Video Key #2 Own your Strengths & Weaknesses

Hi DL Rogers here,  when doing executive coaching for managers I find one of the great challenges that managers have is delivering difficult messages to their employees and customers.  But, it is just one of several things that I find is a challenge for my clients.

It is critical that business managers improve all their skills.  To improve you MUST know your strengths and weaknesses.  In this second video on The 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-term Organization we covers this very topic.  Watch this short video below


If you want to know more about your management capabilities we have a Management Styles and Skills Assessment Test.  It is in the RMC Resource Center, membership is free.  Click here to see what tests we have to help you become a better manager.

Also if you missed last week’s video on The First Key which is the First Fact in Business CLICK HERE.

Aside from these short videos I am introducing my upcoming online management training the Hidden Secrets to Effective Management.  Here is a link to a video with more details.

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  1. Jan Tankey says:

    I was just wondering if the videos that are linked above are actually a part of your program. It doesn’t appear so. There are videos of Raghu, Rajiv, and Roadies 6.

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