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Category Archives: Business Strategy

Key #14 (Video) Prepare TODAY to Compete in the FUTURE, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

When the future arrives, will you still be a relevant competitor in your industry? Plenty of companies large and small have said yes and been VERY WRONG about that. To stay competitive is to be committed to remaking yourself and your company.  This remake is in incremental and more dramatic ways. The Decline of BlackBerry […]

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Key#12 (Video) Have you Considered Reengineering Your Business? You Should, Your Executive Business Coach Explains Why

Nothing beyond this moment is guaranteed to us in life, so it certainly is not guaranteed to us in business. That is why you need to have a healthy sense of paranoia. Below is a list of companies.  The left column is companies that were dominant in their field.  The right column is the new […]

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Key #3 (Video) Want an Edge in Business? You need to know WHY!

Did I ask a silly question?  Of course you want an edge in business!  Your next question is probably HOW do I get an edge? My answer, as an executive coach for managers and strategic business consultant,  is that you are asking the wrong question!  It is not about HOW, it is about WHY.  Confused? You […]

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Steve Jobs (video) – You Have Got to Love What You Do!

Steve Jobs!  Those of you that know me well, especially my Executive Business Coaching Clients have heard me mention Steve Jobs and Apple dozens of times as an example of a manager and company doing things the right way. Mr. Jobs succeeded in doing many of the core things I believe in very effectively. He […]

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3 Steps to Finding the Right Strategic Business Consulting Firm

Nowadays, small businesses are emerging rapidly due to the huge amount of opportunities that are available in the present business environment. Small Businesses have to be innovative and resourceful in how they do things.  You have to make difficult choices.  One of the best solutions to create good decisions and implement them quickly is having […]

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Refocusing on Your Keys to Success – Part ll

Refocusing on Your Keys to Success Part ll Strategy, Vision and the Future A few weeks ago I posted an article, Refocusing on Your Keys to Success I discussed the first half of a March 7th WSJ article with Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.  The article made many excellent points that I apply in executive […]

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Strategic Assessment Analysis-The 4 Key Questions Every Manager Needs to Answer

Developing a solid understanding of your businesses current situation and best direction for the future is what is contained in this video. We at invite you to check out all of the information on this site including our coaching and consulting capabilities.

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Understanding why Businesses Fail and the 3 Steps to Long-Term Success

The key to success in business is understanding that it is the quality of the business decisions and execution that drives success.

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Individualism vs Teamwork

Individualism vs. Teamwork Author: Tim Bryce “There is more to building a team than buying new uniforms.” – Bryce’s Law INTRODUCTION As you travel around corporate America these days, you hear a lot about “teams”; that groups, departments or whole divisions are trying to behave more as a team as opposed to a group of […]

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