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Category Archives: Financial Management

Want More Leads, More Revenue & More Time?

Learn How to Shift How You Spend Your Time for up to 16X Higher Revenue!  OK… what are you saying Darsweil? Come on Now! 16X Greater Revenue by shifting my time?  Seriously?  How is that possible? I am So Glad that you asked! I am dying to explain. But First…Let me say that we have reached […]

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Key #11 (Video) Work Smart, Listen to Your Numbers! Your Executive Business Coach Explains

With Good KPIs you will KNOW things are going wrong BEFORE they go wrong! Every business in the world has a story that can be told with their numbers. Do you understand what your business is telling you about its performance?  Are you listening?  If not,  I can tell you as an Executive Business Coach, that […]

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7 Reasons Small Businesses never become Emerging Growth Companies

7 Reasons Small Businesses never become Emerging Growth Companies Perspective from an Executive Business Coach Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is one of the [YOU FILL IN THE BLANK] experiences in my life. A friend of mine that has owned and operated 3 businesses gave me the following words and comments to fill […]

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Being Accountable

There’s always the small business owner, with great talent and great vision for their company but zero interest in their bookkeeping and accounting. Unfortunately, I’ve seen companies having to close their doors,

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Small Business Coaching for Cash-Strapped Businesses

I’m cash-strapped and i am starting a home-based business. Or, I’m cash strapped and I want to make certain I don’t lose my business so let me know how you can sell my services successfully

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