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Category Archives: Organizational Development

Pick up One EXTRA Hour Every Day, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

The Multi-Task Myth You are NOT Multi-tasking . . . you are doing more than One Thing Inefficiently Welcome to Part 3 of this 4-Part series on Profitable Time Management. I decided to do this time management series to address one of the two primary reasons that people give  for their inability to achieve their […]

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Need More Time? Make Faster Decisions, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Profitable Time Management Part 2 Rapid Decision-Making Process If making up your mind did not take you so long, . . .how much more time would you have? One of the most truly profound and simple statements that I have ever heard around improved profitability and time management is “Don’t have enough time?  Make Faster […]

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Profitable Time Management 4-Part Series

How Are You Using Your Time? Hey It’s Darsweil, your Executive Business Coach! I am truly pleased to present to you a very simple 4-part series looking at how to leverage your time and that of your employees, consultants, contract workers and suppliers to tap into the unlimited potential that exists for you to achieve […]

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Part 3 (Audio) Can we talk about the Elephant in the ROOM… PLEASE! – Communicate for Results

Nothing gets accomplished if you cannot communicate what you want effectively! As an executive business coach, I can tell you that what is even worse is when you want one thing, but communicate something totally different. A huge elephant in the room that will completely delay or derail our goals is the failure to communicate […]

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Hello! You Play to Win the Game! Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Do you have a Winning Formula for your Business? Avid Football Fans are all familiar with the phrase “HELLO! You Play to Win the Game.”  This statement was made in 2002 by Herm Edwards, then coach of the NY Jets.  His team had just lost 24-21 to the Cleveland Browns to make their record 2 […]

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Why is there such INSANITY in business? Your Strategic Business Coach Explains…

Do you know what my favorite definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.    If what you have been doing to improve and grow your business has not been working you have to consider a change.  I know many of you understand this.  The […]

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Key#12 (Video) Have you Considered Reengineering Your Business? You Should, Your Executive Business Coach Explains Why

Nothing beyond this moment is guaranteed to us in life, so it certainly is not guaranteed to us in business. That is why you need to have a healthy sense of paranoia. Below is a list of companies.  The left column is companies that were dominant in their field.  The right column is the new […]

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Key #10 (Video) Smile It Can Be Profitable – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Take this Quick Test Walk up to some co-workers and stare at them with a broad smile on your face.  See their reaction, 9 times out of 10 no matter what they were doing, or how they were feeling up to that point they are going to smile back.  They will probably ask you why […]

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Key #9 (Video) Give Your Employees What They Want – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may be saying…WOW! Last week DL talked about employees that should be fired, the week before he explains that our employees should be a profit center and now it sounds like he is recommending that we give the employees what they want!? That is right! […]

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Key #8 (Video) Which One of Your Employees Should You Fire?- Advice from your Executive Business Coach

Putting the Right Person in the Right Job! When I ask the question- which one of your employees you should fire? – I am sure someone’s name comes to mind.  Did you think to yourself,  “no, I can’t fire them!”  Well what about assigning them to a new job? The odds are there is someone […]

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