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Doctor, I don’t feel well, so what should I do? Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Check this out…

If you are not feeling well and tell your spouse, parents, friends, co-workers or even a stranger, one of the comments you will repeatedly hear from them is go to the doctor.

So you go to see your doctor, your General Practitioner.  The doctor’s staff right away asks you what is wrong.  Then they take your temperature and your blood pressure (let’s call these human performance indicators).

When the doctor comes in, she asks the same questions and more and then takes you through an exam (a human assessment test) and may order additional tests to clarify the diagnosis.

Next, the doctor will likely prescribe some medicine for you to take.  In other words, the doctor is going to tell you what you need to do to improve your human performance.

There is more to this story, but you already know how it goes… As your Executive Business Coach, you know I am about to relate this back to business in some way . . .  so let’s get to it.

Uncommonly Common Sense

When your company is not performing as you want, when it is not “feeling well,” you need assistance in the diagnosis of the problems and recommendations of the remedies.  This is not a criticism of you; it is a fact that no one has all the expertise needed to operate a business or figure out all the issues and challenges you will confront. NO ONE!  Not your competitors, not the top companies in the world.  NO ONE!

So I want you to do the same thing with your business that you do with your personal health AND what you do when your automobile is not performing appropriately.

Your Business Needs a Diagnostic Just like Your Car

Go and see an expert to help you figure out what is wrong and what you should do to improve things.

Preliminary Management Assessment

In this case, the “General Practitioner” is your Executive Business Coach.  Your Coach will take you through a Preliminary Management Assessment that will identify the areas of concern and suggest next steps.

It is OK Not to Know

Business owners are some of the most stubborn people I have met when it comes to seeking “good advice.”  I know from my personal experiences running businesses that we mull things over and over and over and over in our heads.  We like the off-handed comments from whomever, but it seems to be a badge of honor that we walk around proclaiming that we did it ourselves.  To call us cheap is not really the issue, it just seems like we find it hard to accept that we cannot figure it out ourselves.

This is a huge mistake! 

Far and away the primary reason for business under performance is poor management decisions.

Why struggle when you can find quality cost-effective advice?

When you use an Executive Business Coach, you get the insight and the confidence to take action to avoid and correct problems.  STOP GUESSING and HOPING you have it RIGHT.

Do you need

  • Accounting assistance?
  • Lead generation assistance to grow revenue?
  • Additional training for you or your staff?
  • Strategies on improving communications or customer service?
  • Ways to control costs?


Whatever it is, the Preliminary Management Assessment will expose the areas that have the greatest opportunity to improve performance fast.

Get a FREE Preliminary Assessment Analysis $300 Value

We offer a Preliminary Management Assessments to any business owner that would like one.  All you have to do is ask, CLICK HERE and send me a note saying you want a PMA.  There is no further obligation, NONE. 

We want to help you grow!

What is good for small business owners is good for our economy and ultimately good for all of us.

When that happens, business owners who want to make a REAL difference, who want to beat the competition, and who want to have a better life in the future will find us.

Take advantage of this offer–you have nothing to lose and something to gain.




The Preliminary Business Assessment will take about 45 minutes.  It is a $300 value.

Time to act!  YES!  I want to Improve my Businesses Performance!



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