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Every Wonder Why Some Businesses Thrive and Others Fail? An Executive Business Coach Explains why


Every Wonder Why Some Businesses Thrive and Others Fail?

An Executive Business Coach Explains Why

[Fayetteville, NC – 3/14/2012]  – Have you ever wondered what makes one organization successful for generations while others barely survive a few years?  Darsweil “DL” Rogers, Strategic Business Consultant, Executive Business Coach and founder of RMC Strategies tells you exactly what you need to do for your organization to thrive over the long-term.  He does so in this hard hitting, insightful and entertaining 15 part video series called the 15 Keys to Creating a Quality Long-Term Organization.  We asked Mr. Rogers, who has over 25 years experience as a senior manager, corporate lender, entrepreneur and executive coach for managers how he arrived at his 15 Keys.  “If you are asking why 15 versus 16, I am not sure, it just felt right” says DL.  “But if you are asking about the content, that is simple.   I have been studying organizational performance my entire career and from many different vantage points.  From the large public companies to those with less than a million dollars in revenue and I have found that the single biggest determinant to the longevity of any company comes down to the quality of management.”

The idea of quality management comes out up front in the 15 Keys.  The first key is what DL calls the First Fact in Business.  What is the first fact?  DL says, “The first fact is that the success or failure of any organization is the responsibility of the people running the organization, and that means the management. “  He goes on, “ you see, management decision making is the one clear differentiator between competitors.  All organizations have employees, customers, products and services that need to evolve over time.  They all have the challenges of the economy and access to capital for working capital and expansion.  So the key true difference is how does management navigate the unique situations they are confronted with.  People (managers) like to find someone beside themselves to blame for poor performance.  When managers internalize the responsibility for success [and failure] and stop seeking scapegoats they can create tremendous opportunities to build successful organizations for the long-term.

So what are some of the other 15 Keys?  Not surprisingly Key #2 is for managers to Own their Strengths and Weaknesses.  DL argues that to build a quality organization the pieces must compliment and support each other.  The CEO needs to start by understanding their personal capabilities and then go forward to build a quality organization.

As for the rest of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization, they will be release one per week on his website and to his distribution list.  You can join the list on the website.

RMCStrategies’ goal is to develop more effective managers and leaders.  Aside from the 15 Keys, Mr. Rogers is launching a 6-week online performance management training program called the Hidden Secrets to Effective Management.  DL explains, “I took much of what I talk to clients about everyday and put it into a 6 week online video based seminar.   Several things make this program unique.

  • Every 90-minute lecture is taped and downloadable by the participants.  I have sat in 100s of seminars over the years and said wow great information!  The trouble is most of us can only absorb 10 -15% of the information at that time.  These lectures being downloadable allow the participants to keep them and access the information when they need it.
  • I will create at least 3 additional videos specifically geared to the participants during the program to further enrich the class based on where the lectures go.
  • Everyone takes a Management Assessment Test up front so you “know your strengths and weaknesses” and we also provide tons of other information and surprises along the way.

The curriculum outline and a video discussing the program are on the RMCStrategies Home page.  Our goal is for all the participants to be significantly more effective managers.  This equals higher profits and productivity in your business.

The RMCStrategies site also has a Resource Center with valuable information including a series of assessment test on management skills, communications and leadership potential, etc.

RMC Strategies provides strategic business consulting to the owners, managers and leaders of emerging companies. Their business strategy consulting and executive business coaching services will help you move your business forward more quickly and decisively. For more details, log on to



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