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Fayetteville Executive Business Coach Releases New Effective Management Secrets

[ Fayetteville, NC – 07/19/2011 ] – Former 25 Year Wall Street Executive – DL Rogers is redefining what it takes to be an effective manager in the new millennium. If you are an executive, senior manager or growing business owner, his strategies are designed for you. After successfully building and running a 400 million dollar ($400,000,000) in premium insurance division for one of Wall Street’s top Banks for 7 years, Mr. Rogers started providing executive business coaching services to emerging business owners and top level managers.

Presently, with the current nature of the economy, more and more companies are turning to business strategy consulting to maximize the potential of their leadership. All long term business growth starts with vision, clearly defined goals, measurable objectives and effective management. Business success centers around the willingness for executives, senior managers and business owners to improve their management skills.

The majority of business people are struggling to continually move their organizations forward.  As a result they have limited time to plan for the future.  To become a high performing organization you have to bring your entire staff together and have them on the same page with you. The new model for being effective in the 21st century requires some basic changes in approach. The keys being effectively communicating your goals and vision, providing quality training, having clear management processes and building a culture with a commitment to continuous improvement.

In order to really be effective, the new millennium manager will have to adopt new methods of planning, organizing, empowering and supporting their employees/staff. Gone are the days of just “winging it”. You may be able to survive. However, you will not be able to grow and thrive in the new economy.

You must adopt new changes in your overall management style, strategy and process or you may find yourself out of a job or your company out of business. Here’s a great quote from one of Mr. Rogers’ Email Signature – “If you don’t like change you will like irrelevance even less” – Major General Eric Shednicki (ret.)

One of RMC’s clients stated – “DL really helped bring clarity to my situation.  With that clarity I am able to make quicker decisions and with greater confidence.” Another client said, “I really enjoy working with DL. His methods are clear and straight forward – No BS – just effective!”

The new executive business coaching and effective management training for the new millennium is expected to be release later this summer. Due to the concentrated nature of this training, the program will be limited to a small group of executives, senior managers and business owners.

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