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Higher Profits Part 4 – Creating a Clear Business Management Process

We have reached video 4 (Management Processes) in our 5 part series on how to Achieve Higher Profits through Improved Employee Performance.  For me this is where the rubber truly hits the road.  As a manager, you can tell your people all sorts of wonderful things, you can show them exactly how things need to flow.  BUT if you do not walk the talk and hold people accountable for the vision and insist that they adhere to the training.  You have wasted the opportunity to take your organization where you want it to go.  We cover all of these issues and more in this video.

Please leave me a comment after you watch the video.  We want to know your thoughts.  Also I have a web-based training program coming on Effective Management.  If you would like to participate let me know.  Here is video 4 on Management Processes.



What did you think?  Leave me a note.  To listen to video 5 click here

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