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Higher Profits Part 5 – How to Build a High Performing Business

We have gotten to the 5th and final video on Higher Profits Through Improved Employee Performance.  The topic is Commitment to Continuous Improvement.  I will tell you without modesty that I LOVE this topic!  I get more energy working with a client to take their business to a higher level than anything else.  Mostly it means that THEY GET IT!   There is NO STANDING STILL.  You must evolve to just maintain the status quo.  But our goal is to take on the competition and win!

When you have finished the video give me your comments.  We value the input.  I will be announcing training on effective management soon.  We will be covering in greater depth the information in this series plus the broader issues in management. This is a training you DO NOT want to miss!  Here is video 5.

What do you think about what you have learned? I really want to know.  Check out our other videos and articles here on the RMC website. Here are a few examples Strategic Assessment Analysis, if you have never done a strategic assessment or don’t even know what I am talking about you MUST listen to this video.  Also, Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google explains the value of having an executive coach The Value of having an Executive Coach.

Thank you for taking the time to review the material.  There is more coming to help you be more successful



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