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Key #10 (Video) Smile It Can Be Profitable – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Take this Quick Test

Walk up to some co-workers and stare at them with a broad smile on your face.  See their reaction, 9 times out of 10 no matter what they were doing, or how they were feeling up to that point they are going to smile back.  They will probably ask you why you are smiling.  Tell them you are just happy to see them.  That small gesture can set the tone for the entire day or longer!  A smile is very powerful!

Now, on the other side,

Have you worked with someone that brings their personal problems into the office and then takes it out on everyone?  Or is just NEVER happy and always complaining about something?

The only thing worse than a person with a bad attitude is one that is also a lousy worker and pulls down everyone’s morale!  They are killing the business!

Now here is my most important question.  Is the person with the lousy attitude YOU!?

Or, is it one of your managers?

You Make It Happen!

As a Strategic Business Consultant, I can tell you that managers CREATE higher morale, higher productivity and higher profits when they create an environment that people enjoy.  You CREATE IT, and it starts with your Attitude.

This leads me to the 10Th Key of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization, Create a Great Place to Work.

How to Create a Great Place to Work

People making $8 per hour to $100,000+ per year can make work fun and enjoyable or ruin it for everyone.  It often comes down to attitude.

Have you heard of the famous Seattle Pike Place Fish Market?  There is a movie and book discussing how the employees in a cold smelly place turned it into a fun place to work and improved the profits of the enterprise.

Some of you are saying, “But that does not apply to my business,” or “I can’t have my employees doing anything silly at work”.  I am not recommending that they raw fish around your office, but to improve your profitability you must create a great place to work.  The emphasis is on CREATE, it will not happen by itself.

Below I have suggestions on how to create a great work place.  I have used these techniques myself and recommended them to my Executive Business Coaching clients.  They work! 

I want to hear your suggestions.  Post them below.  If I get some really good ones I will share them with everyone.

ONE THING TO REMEMBER above all else as it relates to a great place to work.  You must choose to have a positive attitude every time you come to work.

Please Post your suggestions!

Suggestions on How to Create a Great Work Environment

  • Have regularly scheduled office meetings to share what is going on in the organization.  The more people feel apart of the organization the higher the morale (see keys #2 and #3).
  • Set and track performance goals and celebrate when they are achieved
  • Have a regular recognition event (at least once per year) to acknowledge top performers
  • Form a committee of employees to develop and coordinate things the staff will enjoy.  Be an active member of the committee but don’t lead the committee.
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, babies and weddings
  • Form a softball team and join a league
  • Office picnic
  • Walk around your organization and catching people doing something right.  Give them a token of appreciation right there!
  • Have competitions (chili cook-off, baking contest, baby picture contest)
  • OK Your turn!  What have you done to create a great place to work?

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