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Key #4 (Video) Listen! Even if you don’t agree

The Views of an Executive Business Coach and Strategic Business Consultant

Tell me something, how are your listening skills?

What do you “hear” when you’re “listening” to others?

When I first started managing people, I realized that my message was not getting through to all of my staff.  I had passion and commitment for what I was doing, but the people I managed seemed ho hum.  I took a step back and got some training in effective communication and WOW did it make a difference!

People got it!  But more importantly, I figured out that stopping to listen to what others had to say first was CRITICAL in getting people to “hear” me!  There is something dramatic or synergistic or special that happens when a person BELIEVES you have listened to them…. NOW, I did not say agreed with, just listened to!

Executive Coaching Advice for Managers

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Do you know how your customers really feel about the products and services you provide?
    2. Do your employees understand that “recurring complaint” you have about their performance and how it impacts business performance?

If your answer to these questions, or others like them is NO, I have news for you.  IT’S YOUR FAULT!

The 4th Key in the 15 Keys to Creating a Quality Long-Term Organization is Effective Communication. Check out the video.


It is past time to know your strengths and weaknesses (Key #2 of the 15 Keys).

I am telling you as your Executive Business Coachthat the time spent improving yourself saves you time and will make you money, guaranteed!

Also, share this message with others.

Leave messages here on my website.  I get lots of cool personal messages (which I appreciate), but let’s make this a forum to discuss the opportunities we all have to get better at what we do.

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