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Key #6 (Video) Want Higher Profits? Do this one thing – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

FACT:  All advice is not created equal!

The advice in Key #6  of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization is the BEST high level advice I have to offer.

During my 25+ year career, I found that the principal qualities a manager must possess is to be consistent in their expectations for the organization and to hold everyone (including him or herself) accountable for the delivery of specific assignments.

As an executive business coach, I can tell you that when a manager is consistent & holds everyone accountable it has an immediate and profound impact on the organization.  This translates into higher profitability and productivity.

Not being consistent is like being a bad parent.  You tell the kids one thing today, something different tomorrow, and don’t mention anything at all the third day.  When you do that, you have children that are confused about the rules.  Then, when you don’t enforce any of the rules children will “run amok.”

Your employees will do the same things when they are not clear about what you want from them everyday, every week, and every month.  You are the RESPONSIBLE Party to hold them ACCOUNTABLE for what they need to deliver.

Too many managers are bystanders and complainers of the poor performance they see from employees.  They seem to forget that the first person to blame or praise for employee performance is the man/woman in the mirror (thank you Michael Jackson!), which is Management (see the video Key#1 the FIRST FACT IN BUSINESS if you are confused about this point).

To emphasize my point, review my 3-minute video on the 6th Key, Consistency and Accountability.


In the video, I mention  helpful tools in the RMC Resource Center.  Sign up for Free and download the following PDF documents:

Effective Meeting Guidelines & Tracking Deliverables <—— Free DOWNLOAD

These documents lay out what you need!  Truly, this stuff works.  But don’t take my word for it.  Download apply it and you will see for yourself.

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