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Key #8 (Video) Which One of Your Employees Should You Fire?- Advice from your Executive Business Coach

Putting the Right Person in the Right Job!

Put the Right Person in this Chair

Put the Right Person in this Chair

When I ask the question- which one of your employees you should fire? – I am sure someone’s name comes to mind.  Did you think to yourself,  “no, I can’t fire them!”  Well what about assigning them to a new job?

The odds are there is someone in your organization that is under performing and negatively impacting your operation.  Every organization I have ever worked for or did strategic business consulting with had at least one person in the wrong job.  Also, the manager / owner was in denial that there was a problem or was resistant to make a change.

How do you identify these problem employees?  Here is a short list.

  • They have a lousy attitude – the one thing that everyone can control is the attitude they bring to work.  You, as the manager, cannot have a lousy attitude and you cannot tolerate it in others
  • Poor teaming with other employees – teaming can be taught.  Even the most well intentioned people can have a challenge here.  But if it does not work after you have completed performance management training and given clear goals and direction, IT DOES NOT WORK, make a change!
  • Poor personal performance –  I really said it above.  Train them and give them clear goals.  Also explain to them “WHY” their position is important and needs to be done properly.  If still no luck cut your loses.
  • They are past their prime – We want to reward those that are loyal but when their performance declines find them a new job!
  • They are a family member or the bosses favorite – I have suffered through this personally and it can be a real challenge.  If you have to keep them employed put them as far away from critical job functions as possible.  I have suggested to clients that they give the family member a lofty title and don’t require them to come to work!  Everyone is happier, it can be well worth the expense!

Bottom line, having to deal with these under performing employees SUCKS!  I mean literally it SUCKS!  (NOTE:  that is how everyone else feels even if you don’t).

If you are hearing the complaints and not taking decisive action to permanently address the problem you are destroying the morale in your organization!   You are failing at YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the manager.  Don’t expect anyone else to go the extra mile for you if you make them put up with crap that EVERYONE knows is hurting the business.

It is time to deal with these employees head on.  In the 8th Key of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization the topic is “Putting the Right Person in the Right Job”


We want to help you with all of your organizational challenges.  We are here to make you are a more POWERFUL MANAGER – Power = the amount of work you can get done in a given period of time.

Contact us and we will speed you down the road to success.

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