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Key#5 (Video) Why You Want to be the Dumbest Person in the Room – Executive Business Coach Explains

Hey its your Executive Business Coach,

Yes, I said it!  As a manager I want to be the dumbest person in the room (and you should too).  I am 100% serious about that.  As a manager it is my goal for everyone to be smarter than me.  But, then I get to make the decisions!  Why would you ever want the reverse (dumb employees helping you make decisions)?

Executive Business Coaching Example

I had a client that was interviewing candidates for a senior position in his organization.  He identified a great candidate but had a concern.  He called me up and asked me how I felt about him hiring someone to work for him that he felt was smarter than he was.  At first, I was really shocked at the question.  But then I reflected on many situations I had seen and experienced in my career where managers felt threatened by those they perceive to be more capable.  They tried to hold back these stars from shining too much.  What a huge error!

I told my client exactly what I said above. I want everyone to be more capable than me.  But I get to make the decisions!  Now I am always improving myself so for me to find smarter people elevates the entire organization.  This short video discusses building a quality team.

Become a More Powerful & Effective Manager

Now that you have watched the video I want to emphasize a couple of things

  • The team you build can include employees, contract workers and consultants.  Don’t limit yourself!
  • You must empower your team by doing the following:
  • Set a clear direction
  • Give clear responsibilities and goals
  • Hold every member of the team Accountable for their performance
  • Appropriately Compensate achievement

When you do these things you become a more powerful manager!  See my definition of power below.

Power (n) The amount of work you can get done in a given period of time

Your power comes from empowering these really smart people to perform…Make Sense?

It is Time to ACT

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