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small details BIG BUCKS! Your Executive Business Coach Explains

I love this story!

I am sitting with a client this morning talking about a planning offsite we will be having.  The conversation turns to a discussion of focusing his staff on the little things that can reap significant benefits for the company.  My comments remind him of a story he saw on CNBC about UPS, the parcel delivery company (“brown trucks”).  An executive from UPS was explaining that several years ago the company instituted a right turn only policy (when possible) for its fleet of trucks.

Yes a right turn only policy!  They found that when they scheduled routes where the driver only turns right it saves them tens of millions of dollars.  They avoid standing in traffic as well as they avoid the additional risk of having to cross multiple lanes of traffic.

The additional kicker is they delivered more packages driving fewer miles.

This is a great example of relatively simple changes translating into meaningful improvements in profitability.

What is the small idea / BIG BUCKS savings idea in your company?  They are there for the picking if you stop and look for them.

Remember that it really pays to engage your staff in the challenge of making things better.  Frequently, they have a better understanding of how things can improve than you do.  Be sure to leverage all the value that resides inside your organization.



Don’t forget, we are here to help you find those improvements, energize your staff and make you a more powerful manager.  Contact Us to discuss.

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