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Steve Jobs (video) – You Have Got to Love What You Do!

Steve Jobs!  Those of you that know me well, especially my Executive Business Coaching

Steve Jobs as a Young Executive

Clients have heard me mention Steve Jobs and Apple dozens of times as an example of a manager and company doing things the right way.

Mr. Jobs succeeded in doing many of the core things I believe in very effectively.

  • He communicated  broadly “Why” Apple is in Business.
  • He inspired his employees to care about what happens with the company.  Have you ever heard an Apple employee bad mouth the company?
  • He put strong competent people around him to supplement his skill set.
  • He held people accountable for deliverables (that is the only way Apple could introduce so many products), AND
  • The Apple corporate cultural has the greatest Commitment to Continuous Improvement of any technology company in history.

Video From Stanford University

All of what I said is true and wonderful.   But today the reason I am sharing with you is I want everyone to hear the story of Steve Jobs’ life from his lips.  I encourage all of you to stop and listen to this 15  minute video of Mr. Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford.  There is great inspiration and great lessons to be learned.

 Stanford 2005 Commencement Speech



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