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Remembrances and New Possibilities

Personal Success Through Support of Others I recently experienced remembrances and a sense of new possibilities during the same week.  I dealt with two significant life events – the death of a beloved aunt and my son’s college graduation.  I attended the wake and funeral services in Maryland for my Aunt Carolia and a few […]

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Key #10 (Video) Smile It Can Be Profitable – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Take this Quick Test Walk up to some co-workers and stare at them with a broad smile on your face.  See their reaction, 9 times out of 10 no matter what they were doing, or how they were feeling up to that point they are going to smile back.  They will probably ask you why […]

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Key #9 (Video) Give Your Employees What They Want – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may be saying…WOW! Last week DL talked about employees that should be fired, the week before he explains that our employees should be a profit center and now it sounds like he is recommending that we give the employees what they want!? That is right! […]

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Key #8 (Video) Which One of Your Employees Should You Fire?- Advice from your Executive Business Coach

Putting the Right Person in the Right Job! When I ask the question- which one of your employees you should fire? – I am sure someone’s name comes to mind.  Did you think to yourself,  “no, I can’t fire them!”  Well what about assigning them to a new job? The odds are there is someone […]

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Key #7 (Video) Your Employees are a PROFIT CENTER – Performance Management Training

Today we work in a knowledge-based economy.  What your employees know is what generates profits.  This is compared to prior periods in our history when machinery was how you improved the bottom line.  What do you need to achieve higher profits?  Let’s look at a few things. Profits from Performance Management Training Here are some […]

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Key #6 (Video) Want Higher Profits? Do this one thing – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

FACT:  All advice is not created equal! The advice in Key #6  of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization is the BEST high level advice I have to offer. During my 25+ year career, I found that the principal qualities a manager must possess is to be consistent in their expectations for […]

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Key#5 (Video) Why You Want to be the Dumbest Person in the Room – Executive Business Coach Explains

Hey its your Executive Business Coach, Yes, I said it!  As a manager I want to be the dumbest person in the room (and you should too).  I am 100% serious about that.  As a manager it is my goal for everyone to be smarter than me.  But, then I get to make the decisions!  […]

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Every Wonder Why Some Businesses Thrive and Others Fail? An Executive Business Coach Explains why

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Every Wonder Why Some Businesses Thrive and Others Fail? An Executive Business Coach Explains Why [Fayetteville, NC – 3/14/2012]  – Have you ever wondered what makes one organization successful for generations while others barely survive a few years?  Darsweil “DL” Rogers, Strategic Business Consultant, Executive Business Coach and founder of RMC Strategies […]

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Key #3 (Video) Want an Edge in Business? You need to know WHY!

Did I ask a silly question?  Of course you want an edge in business!  Your next question is probably HOW do I get an edge? My answer, as an executive coach for managers and strategic business consultant,  is that you are asking the wrong question!  It is not about HOW, it is about WHY.  Confused? You […]

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I want to make you a POWERFUL MANAGER!

I know from my business career and as an Executive Coach for managers that success in business is about seeing and seizing opportunities. Opportunities to gain market share, Opportunities to drive higher revenue Opportunities to improve profits Opportunities to introduce new products To seize all of these opportunities as they present themselves takes a tremendous […]

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