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Need More Time? Make Faster Decisions, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Profitable Time Management Part 2 Rapid Decision-Making Process If making up your mind did not take you so long, . . .how much more time would you have? One of the most truly profound and simple statements that I have ever heard around improved profitability and time management is “Don’t have enough time?  Make Faster […]

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Tim Tebow and 300,000 to 1 Odds

A Lesson in Effective Leadership Following the Denver Broncos latest overtime victory against the Chicago Bears, an article ran in the Denver Post  indicating that the odds of the Broncos winning 6 straight come from behind wins and 3 in overtime was 300,000 to 1! When the conversation turns to how improbable it is that […]

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Strategic Assessment Analysis-The 4 Key Questions Every Manager Needs to Answer

Developing a solid understanding of your businesses current situation and best direction for the future is what is contained in this video. We at invite you to check out all of the information on this site including our coaching and consulting capabilities.

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Understanding why Businesses Fail and the 3 Steps to Long-Term Success

The key to success in business is understanding that it is the quality of the business decisions and execution that drives success.

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The Importance of Executive Coaching

Unfortunately, for years, the idea of using an executive coach was looked on as a weakness. Somehow, the higher up people got in a company, the more responsibilities they were supposed to handle without any outward sign that they weren’t superman or superwoman.

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