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Video – Key #13 Is The Customer Paramount? Your Executive Business Coach Explains

  Lets talk about customer service! A customer service survey by of over 500 restaurant owners placed the importance of quality customer service at 9.5 on a 10.0 scale. You can’t get much higher than that in importance! These same owners were then asked to rank their restaurants for customer satisfaction, they only gave […]

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Key #6 (Video) Want Higher Profits? Do this one thing – Your Executive Business Coach Explains

FACT:  All advice is not created equal! The advice in Key #6  of the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-Term Organization is the BEST high level advice I have to offer. During my 25+ year career, I found that the principal qualities a manager must possess is to be consistent in their expectations for […]

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Key #3 (Video) Want an Edge in Business? You need to know WHY!

Did I ask a silly question?  Of course you want an edge in business!  Your next question is probably HOW do I get an edge? My answer, as an executive coach for managers and strategic business consultant,  is that you are asking the wrong question!  It is not about HOW, it is about WHY.  Confused? You […]

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The Handbook for Personal and Professional Success in 2012

Happy 2012! I got this Handbook from my cousin and shared it with some close friends. I guess it is just my nature as an executive business coach to communicate uplifting messages. The reaction to the handbook was so positive I am sharing it with everyone. Please offer up comments, I want to know what […]

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7 Reasons Small Businesses never become Emerging Growth Companies

7 Reasons Small Businesses never become Emerging Growth Companies Perspective from an Executive Business Coach Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is one of the [YOU FILL IN THE BLANK] experiences in my life. A friend of mine that has owned and operated 3 businesses gave me the following words and comments to fill […]

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Why Every Business Owner / Executive needs a Coach

Below is a short interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google discussing the value a coach brought to him and to Google. As always our goal at RMCStrategies is to give you the best and most practical advice and insight into best practices.

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Tom Brady All-Pro Quarterback of the New England Patriots to Play Middle Linebacker Next Year?

Putting the RIGHT Person in the RIGHT Job! Did I grab your attention with that headline?  If you know football I definitely did.  It is a crazy idea to suggest that a great quarterback would play Middle Linebacker.  I have a few other personnel changes to suggest.  How about future Hall of Fame 7-foot center […]

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Higher Profits Part 5 – How to Build a High Performing Business

We have gotten to the 5th and final video on Higher Profits Through Improved Employee Performance.  The topic is Commitment to Continuous Improvement.  I will tell you without modesty that I LOVE this topic!  I get more energy working with a client to take their business to a higher level than anything else.  Mostly it […]

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Higher Profits Part 4 – Creating a Clear Business Management Process

We have reached video 4 (Management Processes) in our 5 part series on how to Achieve Higher Profits through Improved Employee Performance.  For me this is where the rubber truly hits the road.  As a manager, you can tell your people all sorts of wonderful things, you can show them exactly how things need to […]

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Higher Profits Part 3 – Employeee Training is a Key to Higher Profits

Hello and welcome to Video 3 (training)  on the topic of Higher Profits through Improved Employee Performance.  This is a 5 part video series I created to assist you in understanding the core elements that moves the profitability of an organization higher and allows it to be sustain that performance over time. This video delves […]

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