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Tag Archives: online management training

Are 4 Words Keeping You From the Life You Want?

This is a very serious question,   Are 4 words stopping you from that promotion? Are 4 words keeping you from higher levels of sales? Are 4 words keeping you from growing your business? Can you think what those words are? They are really powerful words, Those words are… I ALREADY KNOW THAT! Yep!  I […]

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Part 3 (Audio) Can we talk about the Elephant in the ROOM… PLEASE! – Communicate for Results

Nothing gets accomplished if you cannot communicate what you want effectively! As an executive business coach, I can tell you that what is even worse is when you want one thing, but communicate something totally different. A huge elephant in the room that will completely delay or derail our goals is the failure to communicate […]

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

As a Strategic Business Consultant I want you to think about this.  What makes you unique? A marketer asks the question this way, “What is your unique selling proposition“?  Why should a customer purchase your product or service versus your competitors’ product or service? To accurately answer this question you have to KNOW who EXACTLY […]

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Key #14 (Video) Prepare TODAY to Compete in the FUTURE, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

When the future arrives, will you still be a relevant competitor in your industry? Plenty of companies large and small have said yes and been VERY WRONG about that. To stay competitive is to be committed to remaking yourself and your company.  This remake is in incremental and more dramatic ways. The Decline of BlackBerry […]

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Key#5 (Video) Why You Want to be the Dumbest Person in the Room – Executive Business Coach Explains

Hey its your Executive Business Coach, Yes, I said it!  As a manager I want to be the dumbest person in the room (and you should too).  I am 100% serious about that.  As a manager it is my goal for everyone to be smarter than me.  But, then I get to make the decisions!  […]

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Key #3 (Video) Want an Edge in Business? You need to know WHY!

Did I ask a silly question?  Of course you want an edge in business!  Your next question is probably HOW do I get an edge? My answer, as an executive coach for managers and strategic business consultant,  is that you are asking the wrong question!  It is not about HOW, it is about WHY.  Confused? You […]

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Video Key #2 Own your Strengths & Weaknesses

Hi DL Rogers here,  when doing executive coaching for managers I find one of the great challenges that managers have is delivering difficult messages to their employees and customers.  But, it is just one of several things that I find is a challenge for my clients. It is critical that business managers improve all their skills.  […]

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Key# 1 Video – What are the Keys to Long-Term Business Success?

What are the Keys to Building a Quality Long-term Organization? I have the answer for you! I just completed this series of 15 short videos called the 15 Keys to Building a Quality Long-term Organization. My years of experiences as an executive coach, strategic business consultant, CEO and corporate lender has led me to include […]

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