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Want More Leads, More Revenue & More Time?

Learn How to Shift How You Spend Your Time for up to 16X Higher Revenue!  OK… what are you saying Darsweil? Come on Now! 16X Greater Revenue by shifting my time?  Seriously?  How is that possible? I am So Glad that you asked! I am dying to explain. But First…Let me say that we have reached […]

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Part 3 (Audio) Can we talk about the Elephant in the ROOM… PLEASE! – Communicate for Results

Nothing gets accomplished if you cannot communicate what you want effectively! As an executive business coach, I can tell you that what is even worse is when you want one thing, but communicate something totally different. A huge elephant in the room that will completely delay or derail our goals is the failure to communicate […]

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Can We Talk About the ELEPHANT in the ROOM… Please (AUDIO) Part I

Can 2013 be your best year ever?  YES! Happy Holidays to everyone.  I have been in Los Angeles for the past week WORKING and enjoying time with my family and friends. Naturally, like most of you I have been reflecting on 2012 and thinking about what is to be accomplished in 2013. I decided to […]

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Act Now for Higher Revenue, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Interested in generating more leads and more sales? If you are… I am proud to introduce you to the most effective program ever created to generate more leads and more sales for your business.  This program is RMC Marketing Academy. This new program is specifically geared to train you how to generate more leads and […]

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