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Are You Spending Your Advertising Dollars Wisely?

This is one of the biggest questions all business owner attempt to answer,  “Am I spending my money wisely”.  As it relates to advertising are you truly getting the BANG for the BUCK?! As an executive business coach and strategic business consultant we show our clients exactly how to do this analysis and assist them […]

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Celebrating 25 Years of the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the publishing of the ground breaking work by Stephen R Covey, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People“.   I have provided comments from the author, who passed away in 2012, in a series of video interviews that I will be sharing with you discussing the book.  He is one of […]

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Want More Leads, More Revenue & More Time?

Learn How to Shift How You Spend Your Time for up to 16X Higher Revenue!  OK… what are you saying Darsweil? Come on Now! 16X Greater Revenue by shifting my time?  Seriously?  How is that possible? I am So Glad that you asked! I am dying to explain. But First…Let me say that we have reached […]

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Pick up One EXTRA Hour Every Day, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

The Multi-Task Myth You are NOT Multi-tasking . . . you are doing more than One Thing Inefficiently Welcome to Part 3 of this 4-Part series on Profitable Time Management. I decided to do this time management series to address one of the two primary reasons that people give  for their inability to achieve their […]

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Need More Time? Make Faster Decisions, Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Profitable Time Management Part 2 Rapid Decision-Making Process If making up your mind did not take you so long, . . .how much more time would you have? One of the most truly profound and simple statements that I have ever heard around improved profitability and time management is “Don’t have enough time?  Make Faster […]

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Profitable Time Management 4-Part Series

How Are You Using Your Time? Hey It’s Darsweil, your Executive Business Coach! I am truly pleased to present to you a very simple 4-part series looking at how to leverage your time and that of your employees, consultants, contract workers and suppliers to tap into the unlimited potential that exists for you to achieve […]

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Part 3 (Audio) Can we talk about the Elephant in the ROOM… PLEASE! – Communicate for Results

Nothing gets accomplished if you cannot communicate what you want effectively! As an executive business coach, I can tell you that what is even worse is when you want one thing, but communicate something totally different. A huge elephant in the room that will completely delay or derail our goals is the failure to communicate […]

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Can We Talk About the ELEPHANT in the Room… Please! – Fear Audio Part 2

Making 2013 the Best Year Ever – Audio Series Part 2 Overcoming Fear to Succeed Welcome to the second audio in the series “Can we talk about the ELEPHANT in the Room”.  This is about achieving your goals in 2013. I am so excited about my plans for the year that I am busting at […]

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Hello! You Play to Win the Game! Your Executive Business Coach Explains

Do you have a Winning Formula for your Business? Avid Football Fans are all familiar with the phrase “HELLO! You Play to Win the Game.”  This statement was made in 2002 by Herm Edwards, then coach of the NY Jets.  His team had just lost 24-21 to the Cleveland Browns to make their record 2 […]

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Why is there such INSANITY in business? Your Strategic Business Coach Explains…

Do you know what my favorite definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.    If what you have been doing to improve and grow your business has not been working you have to consider a change.  I know many of you understand this.  The […]

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