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Tim Tebow and 300,000 to 1 Odds

A Lesson in Effective Leadership

Following the Denver Broncos latest overtime victory against the Chicago Bears, an

You have got to Believe!

article ran in the Denver Post  indicating that the odds of the Broncos winning 6 straight come from behind wins and 3 in overtime was 300,000 to 1!

When the conversation turns to how improbable it is that any team, let alone one with a second-year quarterback that people claim does not have the skill set to play the position and a team with no marquee super stars could be so lucky the question of divine intervention comes up.

Adding to the remarkable nature of the story is an underlying sense that the management of the team (John Elway & Company) did not (maybe still do not) believe Tebow was the right man for the job.

Well, the improbable has happened and it’s a great opportunity as an executive business coach to analyze how this specifically relates to high-performing and emerging growth organizations.

What does Denver have that makes them special?

Faith – You have got to believe! Organizations do not perform at a high-level without the strong unwavering belief that success will come despite the obstacles and setbacks.

Trust – Trust is in each other to do the job!  To Execute!  Trust in that if one person makes a mistake other co-workers will have their back.  We are in this together!

When organizations believe in the “cause” and believe in each other they can beat bigger, faster and more capable competition on any field of play.  When you have faith and trust it also makes organizations far more nimble in making necessary changes and more profitable because the members of the organization do so much self-policing.  Think what would happen in your organization if when an employee made a mistake they were the first to acknowledge it and to recommit themselves to learning from the experience!

I preach these concepts to my clients.  Forget all the excuses.  If you can lead your organization like Tim Tebow you can be a winner in your marketplace.

Faith and Trust are not the only ingredients needed to win.  But it explains how emerging companies beat their larger, more experienced rivals everyday!


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  1. DLRogers says:

    Thank you for the comment. It is a core concept!

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