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Video – Key #13 Is The Customer Paramount? Your Executive Business Coach Explains


Lets talk about customer service!

A customer service survey by of over 500 restaurant owners placed the importance of quality customer service at 9.5 on a 10.0 scale. You can’t get much higher than that in importance!

These same owners were then asked to rank their restaurants for customer satisfaction, they only gave themselves a rating of 7.5 on a 10.0 scale, a significant gap.

In 2010, J.D. Powers and Associates conducted a Restaurant Customer Satisfaction study.  They polled 97,376 diners in over 100 restaurant chains.  On the question of overall customer satisfaction, the rating was 742 on a 1,000–point scale.  Notably, the diners in the J.D. Powers Study and the owners in the study agree that service levels are about 75%.  This is well below the 95% level the owners want.  This disparity tells me that there are real issues with management’s ability to deliver the value they believe the consumer deserves.  Also it indicates that service can be a key competitive differentiator.

Good News on Customer Satisfaction

My experience as an executive business coach and strategic business consultant is that most of the real issues with customer satisfaction are very correctable.  Consumers will forgive and feel good about occasional sub-par performance when the employees they are dealing with have good attitudes, good communication skills, and are committed to taking responsibility and ultimately getting it right.  Consumers do not seek perfection, they just want to be treated like they matter.

Ironically, I find that the service delivered by business owners and managers can also be poor.  They (owners / managers) frequently do not treat their customer special and don’t realize it.  And what is worst, they (owners/managers) get upset when receiving poor service from suppliers or when they are the consumer in another business.  How crazy is that?  It is incredibly common, so unfortunately not so crazy.

Question, what is your real commitment to customers and how good are you at delivering on the commitment?  The 13th Key to Creating a Quality Long-Term Organization is, Is the Customer Paramount.


Don’t Forget The Internal Customer

In my time working for JPMorgan Chase, some of the worst experiences I had with customer service were with areas of the firm that I relied upon to deliver my services directly to the end customer.  Be sure everyone in the organization takes the same attitude to delivering good service.  Don’t beat up the front line staff interfacing with the customer and allow the support teams to slack and not deliver.  Courtesy and a commitment to quality are infectious.

Create A Customer Centric Organization

The simple way to succeed with customers is make them the center piece of how you do business.  We can show you exactly how it is done.  Contact us for an initial complimentary consultation.

The cost of quality coaching and consulting services can be less than the cost of a full-time hourly employee.

Tell me your stories about customer service, bad and good.  Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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