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Below are valuable resources for business owners, managers and leaders to use to improving your personal performance and the performance of your staff.  Here is a list of what you will find:


We have several in-depth tests to assess management capability, communication styles, and various aptitudes. Click Here to see the entire offering.


Effective Meeting guidelines (PDF) –   Knowing how to run and effective meeting  can make a significant difference in the productivity of those meetings and your staff. Download the attached to gain insight in improving  all  elements of the meeting process (pre-meeting, during the meeting, post meeting process), Click Here

Leading and Lagging Indicators or performance (PDF file) – Leading and lagging indicators of performance (also called “Key Performance Indicators”, KPI) are critical data points that tell a story about the way your company performs. They are especially meaningful when compared to a baseline of performance as well as when viewed over time. Click Here to download an explanation and examples of some of the key indicators.

Performance Review (PDF file) – Holding your staff accountable is to stop and review their actual performance against the goals you have given to them.  this form is a basic example of what a performance review sheet looks like.  Click Here to use this form.

Tracking the Deliverables  (PDF file) – A deliverable are those tasks that have been assigned to members of your organization that require specific follow-up.  When you instituted the discipline of tracking, following up and holding people accountable for deliverables you accelerate the productivity of the organization.  Download an example of a Deliverable Tracking Sheet, Click Here

Setting goals for your employees  (PDF file) The best way to ensure that your staff is focused on the most critical elements in your business is to give them written goals.  Here is an example of a goal setting form you can use, Click Here

The Evolutionary Life cycle of a Business (PDF file) and in-depth explanation of the evolutionary life cycle of a business.  This detail down-loadable discussion provides you with an explanation of the concepts so you can identify where in the life cycle your business is as well as specific steps that you should take to keep your business forward thinking.  Click here to get this valuable report.


WHY are you in business? By Simon Sinek  (video)   To understand a key sustainability question in your business you must should start with Why you are in business.  Watch this very valuable video by Simon Sinek CLICK HERE

The Strategic Analysis Video (view) – A strategic analysis is taking a holistic view of your company from a 360 degree view of hindsight, foresight, top-sight and insight asking 4 questions, what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  This video is very valuable especially when viewed with the knowledge of the Evolutionary Life Cycle of your business. CLICK HERE to view this video