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Our Solutions – Senior Management Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost of a full-time executive

The RMCStrategies approach to supporting businesses is based on our foundational principle, which we call the First Fact in Business:

THE FIRST FACT IN BUSINESS is that the success or failure or any organization is the responsibility of the people running the organization – The Management

At RMCStrategies we have different service offerings to meet your needs.  They are based on your unique circumstances.  It is not uncommon to need a combination of services.  Please take the time to review them.  Our services are as follows:

  • Preliminary Management Assessment (PMA) – You need assistance but you are unsure what direction to take?  Contact us for a complimentary 45 minute review of your current business situation. You will receive specific insight into where you and your organization stand and suggestions on how to unlock your potential opportunities.
  • Executive Business Coaching (EBC) – EBC is a solution and results oriented process of enhancing the performance of a manager or management team.  Coaching is a partnership grounded in a set of goals based on improving skills and actions that will produce the desired results.  A core foundation of coaching is that improved management performance will translate into improved organizational performance.
  • Strategic Business Consulting (SBC) – SBC involves “stepping inside” the business to assist management in resolving issues.  More than being a sounding board, consulting is the active engagement in strategy, problem-solving and      operational execution.  We have a seat at the table with our sleeves rolled up.  Consulting can be a specific project that lasts a very short period of time or extend over weeks or months.
  • Professional Management Training & Coaching (PMTC) – PMTC is our total solutions program.  It combines the coaching we offer in EBC with a specific 6-month training regiment customized to your unique circumstances.
  • Strategic Assessment Analysis (SAA) – The purpose of a SAA is to gain a “holistic” perspective on the organization and its management.  We look at 4 key components of the organization in 4 different ways.

To more fully discuss our capabilities please email us at or us just click to CONTACT US

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