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Executive Business Coaching is a solution and results oriented process of enhancing the performance of a manager or management team.  Coaching is a partnership grounded in a set of goals based on improving skills and actions that will produce the desired results.  A core foundation of coaching is that improved management performance will translate into improved organizational performance.

Benefits of Having a Coach

  • Clarity of Thought – We all have ideas and challenges bouncing around      in our heads.  Which are good ideas? Which should be the priority?  Which should be discarded?  The coach is a knowledgeable person outside the business bringing a perspective that no one inside can have.  A coach helps you to prioritize, dispose of the bad ideas, and stay focused on the good ideas.
  • Decisiveness – With clarity of thought you can become a more decisive decision maker.  Decisiveness brings about speed in implementation.  In a competitive market, the person who is fast and decisive frequently wins!
  • Sustainable performance – You set a course for the organization but are you remaining on track and investing the necessary time to plan for the future? It is very easy to get lost in the turmoil of daily operations.  Your coach helps you keep your priorities top of mind and offers strategies to keep them incorporated into your weekly activities.
  • An outside set of eyes – No matter how loyal and capable your staff, they cannot see all the issues or always tell you what you need to hear.  Your coach offers constructive comments that are “on point” yet sensitive to the situation.

The Coaching Process

Phase I The ideal process begins with a self-assessment of your capabilities.  To know your personal strengths and weaknesses is core to developing goals and a plan of improvement.

Phase II Outline the personal and organizational vision for the future.  Establish a solid vision for what tomorrow should look like.

Phase III Complete an organizational assessment to determine the current situation of the organization

Phase IV Create a customized program of personal development based on the information collected in the Phases above.  Coaching sessions will address the development plan and ad hoc concerns that need to be addressed.  The frequency of coaching is from once per week to once per month.

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