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The Total Solution – Expertise and Training

The “perfect manager” would have the business expertise across all of the key disciplines involved in running an organization.  Unfortunately, the perfect manager does not exist.  We can only be good at so many things.

However, a manager can develop the expertise to clearly see the gaps and strengths in an organization.  With this knowledge, you can develop a plan to close the gaps, capitalize on the strengths, and then finally implement the plan.  Where do your capabilities stand in being able to “see” what your company needs and develop “plans” to address those needs and finally “implement” the plans?

See, Plan & Implement

When you can “See, Plan, and Implement” for your business, you have become an Effective Manager (Professional Manager).  The process of becoming an Effective (Professional) Manager is a combination of training and coaching.  The training provides you with the specific skills to be applied in your business.  The coaching provides you the experienced trusted advisor to discuss your progress as well as the challenges that arise in any business.  No seminar alone can give you what you need in terms of ongoing insight and accountability.  No coaching program can provide you with the core skill development needed to “see” and follow through on all of the elements to effectively run your company.

We have developed a program that gives you the core training and coaching to move you and your organization rapidly.  If you want to build an organization, achieve greater things, make a difference personally and professionally, then this is a great program for you.  The program is 24 personal management training and coaching sessions over a 6-month period.  They include the following:

  • Management Assessment Testingto determine your current capabilities so we can develop a customized management develop program.  Questions to consider include:
    • Communication Style
    • Ability to deliver difficult messages
    • Specific managerial strengths and weaknesses
  •  An organizational assessment of your business to provide a baseline for development.  Key areas of assessment include:
    • Management team
    • Staff
    • Financial condition
    • Products and services
    • Competitive landscape
    • Marketing and Sales Capabilities
  • Development of specific management skills including:
    • Evaluating priorities & management of your time
    • Planning for performance & goal setting
    • Developing strategies to improve employee performance
    • Tracking performance and key deliverables (Financial and non-financial)
    • Holding staff accountable for their performance
    • Hiring and firing techniques
    • Understanding how to build the culture you want
    • How to develop strategic planning capabilities
  • Discussions of the specific challenges you are confronting in your business, these can include:
    • Managing a challenging employee
    • Confronting customer service issues
    • Interpreting the current month’s financial performance or forecast

This training elevates your awareness of performance (good and bad).  You will understand how things are going.  No more mystery and guessing. The training comes in 6 modules reviewed below.  The benefit of the 6-month period is it allows you to more fully integrate the concepts into your business.

Module I Personal Assessment – Testing and self-analysis of your capabilities, goals (personally and professionally) and the creation of a development plan

Module II Business Assessment – Current position of the business in the key areas (Management & Staff capabilities, Products /Services, Competitive Position, Financial, Marketing & Sales, Customer Service/Satisfaction, Production, etc.)

Module III Vision and Communication – Define the direction of the organization including Mission, Vision, and Why statements.  Create an operational plan with an implementation timetable. Learn the value of effective communication of your direction internally and externally as well as the need for ongoing communication.

Module IV Installing a Management Process – We develop the appropriate tracking tools and processes, human resource planning including staff evaluation, training, compensation & teambuilding.

Module V Culture – Developing Culture committed to continuous improvement

Module VI Strategy & Innovation – The process of remaining competitive over the long-term involves disciplined out-of-the box thinking.  We provide you with specific methodologies to “see” new opportunities and new competitors.

To more fully discuss our approach to professional management & coaching program, please CLICK HERE or send us an email at

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