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If you don’t know where you are, how do you plot a course into the future?

The purpose of a SAA is to gain a “holistic” perspective on the organization and its management.  We look at 4 key components of the organization in 4 different ways.

The 4 Components

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

The 4 Ways we will look at these 4 Components

Foresight, Hindsight, Insight and Top-sight

To achieve this multi-dimensional view and arrive at a “whole” view, we review key business information and conduct interviews with key constituencies of the organization.  A suggested list of people to consider interviewing includes the following:

  • Key Managers & Staff
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Key Advisors (accountants, attorneys, consultants, board members etc.)
  • Competitors
  • Critics
  • Fans

The goal of the SAS is to affirm your strengths and identify the areas of greatest opportunity to improve.  This information provides a solid basis to determine the next steps for the company.  The final SAA report may be the first objective “report card” on your performance and that of the business.  It is typically very illuminating.

The Strategic Assessment Process

The most effective approach to the Strategic Assessment is as follows:

  1. The Company provides copies of key financial and other information (brochures, curriculum, etc.) to gain a clear preliminary perspective of the organization
  2. Conduct an initial interview with you.  We go through the process of assessing the business from your perspective.
  3. Together, we identify the other people to be contacted for interviews.
  4. We interview the other parties (interviews are approximately 1 hour each)
  5. We compile a report that includes:
    1. Summary of findings
    2. Recommendations of where to focus for greatest benefit short and longer term.
    3. Verbatim comments from all the interviews (anonymous)
  6. We meet to review the findings
  7. You share the findings with your key managers (assumes RMC is not involved but we can facilitate if requested)

The success of the Strategic Assessment is tied to the following:

  • Management’s willingness and openness to hearing and objectively assessing the recommendations from their constituency
  • Developing & executing on programs to address the recommendations deemed valid areas for enhancement

This program has a fixed price based on the number of participates interviewed.  For more information, including a complimentary consultation use the Contact Us form or send an email to

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