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Build & Implement Effective Business Strategies to Grow Revenue & Profits

Strategic Business Consulting involves “stepping inside” the business to assist management in resolving issues within the business or working on transformational opportunities for the future.  More than being a sounding board, consulting is the active engagement in problem-solving, operational execution, and strategy.  We have a seat at the table with our sleeves rolled up.  Consulting can be a specific project that lasts a very short period of time or extend over weeks or months.

The Phases of Strategic Business Consulting

Phase I

Develop a Holistic View of the Business – To view a business holistically is to take it as a whole and dissect it into key components to assess performance.  This view looks at all of the primary areas of the business — from the view of history, current situation and future opportunities and concerns.

Phase II

Develop specific strategies and priorities to improve current performance or plan for the future – Now that we know what the challenges and opportunities are, the question is what do we do about it.  In conjunction with management, we conduct brainstorming sessions and do other research and analysis to arrive at preliminary assessments.  We then test, prioritize, and develop specific strategies for those we wish to move to the implementation phase.

Phase III

Develop Plans of Implementation – We turn the strategies of Phase II into specific plans.  Good plans are clear in their objectives, milestones, and who is accountable for their achievement.

Phase IV

Execute on the Plans – Failure to execute is a primary reason businesses fall behind the competition.  They see the opportunity but get side-tracked from fully implementing the plans.  It takes true dedication to improve an organization while dealing with the day-to-day operational issues and distractions.  RMCStrategies is committed to helping you stay on task to achieve success.

Phase V

Review Performance and Adjust as Appropriate – All performance needs to be monitored for effectiveness.  This is especially important when making changes to how an organization has operated in the past.  We put in place performance goals and measure actual outcomes against the goals, making changes as needed.


  • Management Processes  – Consistency, Implementation,  Accountability, Communication
  • Strategic Assessment and Planning  – Identify challenges and opportunities and work with management on plans to capitalize on opportunities and reduce risks.
  • Organizational Development & Design – Create a management and staffing model for the business, including ongoing training and development plans to achieve and sustain high performance.
  • Financial Management & Control – Review the quality of your accounting system, the financial information, and assist in developing financial and non-financial indices for managing the business.

As consultants, we identify your core challenges across the organization and assist you in development of internal resources or sourcing of outside resource if they fall outside our primary disciplines.


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